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How we handle your personal information
Your privacy is important to us. We know that how we collect, use, exchange and protect your information is important to you, and we value your trust. That’s why protecting your information and being clear about what we do with it is a vital part of our relationship with you.

This Privacy Policy is for customers of Silver Limo Chauffeurs. It also includes our policy on the handling of credit reports and other credit-related information.

Please note that during the course of our relationship with you, we may tell you more about how we handle your information. This could be when you complete an application or claims form, or receive terms and conditions or a Product Disclosure Statement. When you receive this further information, please consider it carefully. Please also visit our website regularly as we update this policy from time to time.

Information we collect from you
We collect information about you and your interactions with us, for example when you request or use our services, make a card money transaction, by phone us or visit any of our websites. When you use our website or mobile applications we may collect information about your location or activity including IP address, telephone number and whether you’ve accessed third party sites. Some of this website information we collect using Cookies (for more information follow the Cookies link).
Sensitive information

The Privacy Act also protects your sensitive information, such as health information that’s collected on insurance or hardship applications. If we need to obtain this type of information, we will ask for your consent, except where otherwise permitted by law.